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Alabama Demolition Contractors

Alabama Demolition, or razing, is the science and engineering in safely and efficiently tearing down of buildings and other man-made structures. Demolition contrasts with deconstruction, which involves taking a building apart while carefully preserving valuable elements for reuse purposes.

Demolition Services In Alabama: Safe, Clean & Quality Demolition Services. We Are Your Expert Demo Pros! Affordable Service. Professional Contractors. Fully Insured. Call us Now! Free On-site Estimates. Open 7 Days a Week. Since 1977. Free Consultation.

Our residential demolition service includes, but is not limited to, the following home improvement projects:

Residential Demolition Alabama

Demolition Boss is proud to offer residential demolition and debris removal services for home renovation and construction projects. Whether you need a complete home cleanup or just a few rooms tidied up, count on our team to deliver professional-grade demolition services for all your home improvement needs.

Commercial  Demolition Alabama & Office Demolition Alabama

Don’t waste your valuable time struggling to remove built-in furniture, tear down cabinets, or demolition any room in your home office or commercial property. Call us for your solution to all your commercial and office demolition needs.

When you hire our demolition team, we’ll take care of all the labor, demolition, debris removal, and recycling for your commercial project. From removing drywall and old office furniture to general cleanup services, our team will cover all the physical labor needed for a successful commercial demolition.

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Pool Demolition Alabama

Pool Demolition Alabama, Commercial Pool Demolition Alabama, Best Pool Demolition Service. Get A Quote. 42+ Years Of Pool Removal Experience. Services: Alabama Demolition Services, Commercial Demolition Services, Industrial Demolition Services.

Concrete Demolition Alabama

Free Estimates, 24/7 Full Service Including Lot Clearing and Excavation. We have the equipment to. No job too small. get the job done.

House Demolition Alabama

We Handle Full Building Demolition to Smaller Jobs. We Do Takedown and Cleanup. Let Our Demolition Experts Show You Our Successful Jobs and Give You an Estimate Today! Open 24/7. Get A Quote. Highlights: Quote Available, Open 24 Hours.

Mobile Home Demolition Alabama

Safe, Clean & Quality Demolition Services. We Are Your Expert Demo Pros! Affordable Service. Professional Contractors. Open 7 Days a Week. Free Consultation. Since 1977. Free On-site Estimates. Services: Mobile Home Demolition, Detached Home Demolition.

As a trusted demolition contractor, Apple Tree Carting & Demolition provides safe, reliable & timely demolition services for commercial & private needs. Give us a call today.

Expert Commercial & Industrial Demo Full Range Of Take Down Methods. 24hr Emergency Service. 42 Years of Experience. Services: Full Site Demolition, Interior Demolition, Exterior Demolition, Selective Demolition, Emergency Demolition.

Residential demolition contractors can learn a few things from contractors who tear down large commercial buildings. There’s more to demolition than knocking down buildings. These days, demolition contractors have to keep an eye peeled for both salvageable and hazardous materials.

Commercial Demolition Contractors Alabama – Demolition

Leader in the demolition contractors Alabama and excavation services

AC Demolition and Development has served Alabama and the surrounding states for over 35 years and is capable of handling project of any size.

We take pride in being an innovative leader in demolition Alabama contractor techniques with the ability to provide cost-effective and quality customer solutions.

With our extensive demolition knowledge, years of expertise and environmental responsibility, we’ve developed a rock solid reputation as a full service provider in the US with extensive capabilities.

No matter how big or demanding the job we have the skills, expertise, equipment and resources to take care of it safely, responsibly and professionally. We own and maintain a fleet of heavy equipment with all the contemporary attachments that are suitable for all types of demolition. Backed by a team of skilled estimators, site managers and project managers, you can rest assured that your site is in reliable hands. Our goal is to provide Alabama a comprehensive, timely, efficient and reliable service that exceeds the expectation of our clients and become their preferred choice for all their demolition needs on a national level.

We look forward to serving you and your company soon. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for all of your demolition needs.

Demolition Alabama
Hydro Hammer Alabama
Plant & Factory Dismantled Alabama
Interior & Exterior Demolition Alabama
Boiler Removal Alabama
Mobile Concrete Crushing Alabama

Site Work
Water & Sewer Main
Repairs & New Installation
Heavy Excavation
Storm Drains
Retention Basins
Emergency Repairs
Snow Plowing, Salting, and Snow Removal

Debris Removal Alabama

Concrete & Asphalt Removal
Wood & Steel Debris Removal
Stump Removal
Land Clearing

Additional Services Alabama

RCA Dense Grade Aggregate
We Sell Top Soil, Structural Fill, and Sand

Our Services
​We provide the widest range of services to the city in order to fulfill any need you may face. Whether for commercial/industrial demolition needs, tank removal or any other number of possibilities, all it takes is a quick call to your building demolition contractor to provide you with the quick and reliable services you need. Our demo contractors go beyond your level of expectation with full mold removal options and more available to both home and business owners in the area. When you need services you can count on for the future of your property, you can trust in the expertise we bring. If you have a large commercial job and are looking for a Union friendly business, then Apple Tree Carting & Demolition is the company for you.

​Commercial Demolition Alabama

The commercial demolition services that we bring to the city provide your business space with the range of future options needed. Whether you need a garage demolition or interior material removal service for future remodeling plans, you can depend on the capability of Apple Tree Carting & Demolition to provide you with the range of options necessary. Whatever your plans for your property, you have the availability to get the best services in the city through our experts. We can demolish industrial plants, parking garages, commercial office buildings, airports with large runways, apartments and large high rise buildings, and of course hotels and casino’s.

​Residential Demolition Alabama

When looking for residential demolition contractors you can count on for a variety of options, choosing the expertise of Apple Tree Carting & Demolition will ensure that you have the means at hand to treat your property as required. Whether looking to remove main buildings, pool demolition, tank removal or asbestos encapsulation, removal and abatement options, you can depend on the capability and affordability of the service options we bring to the United States area.

Pool Demolition & In-Fill Alabama

Choosing to change from one pool installation to another or to have a full removal carried out in order to build on your property possibilities, making the call to the offices of Apple Tree Carting & Demolition will bring you the pool demolition services your need. We bring you pool removal, deck and patio, hot tubs, water features and otherwise necessary to carry out your future needs. All it takes is picking up the phone and reaching out to our experts.

​Interior Demolition & Yard Clean Up Alabama

We provide interior demolition contractors to the areas of United States in order to bring you the results you’re looking for in an affordable and reliable way. Whether you’re renovating your property or bringing remodeling to various rooms within your home or business, you have the best demolition contractor in the city waiting to provide assistance.

At Apple Tree Carting & Demolition, we also understand and provide services for Asbestos removal and mold abatement. These kinds of jobs require a well trained team to prevent cross contamination and reducing exposures to all involved. US yard clean up is also an important part of maintaining your property. Have you done some renovations and now the site needs to be cleaned up? We can certainly help, either providing dumpster bins and equipment or the actual work force to get the job done.

​Garage Demolition Alabama

From residential to commercial garage demolition, trusting in the capability of Apple Tree Carting & Demolition professionals to provide you with the services you need will ensure that you get the best possible end results. Whether looking to replace your current garage installation or to remove the currently installed fixtures in order to move on other possibilities, you can depend on the ability that Apple Tree Carting & Demolition brings to your particular needs.

Pads, Sidewalks, Driveways & Roads Alabama

Not only do we bring you the services you need when it comes to buildings and above ground installations, you can also depend on the professionals we provide to bring you the means to effectively remove any walkways, patios, roads and driveways within the city. From effective concrete surface removal to asphalt treatment, you can count on the expertise of Apple Tree Carting & Demolition to bring you the best services in the city. Making the call to our experts will deliver results you can depend on for the life of your property.

The commercial demolition services that we bring to the US area are in place to provide you with a myriad of results for your property. Whether you’re looking to remove a building or to create space for one, making the choice to reach out to Apple Tree Carting & Demolition for your needs will ensure that you get the best treatment available in the city. We bring the largest variety of service options to the city in order to bring you proper and efficient removal.

Lot Clearing and Grading Alabama

If you’ve bought a property with the intent of building your commercial property upon it, any of the items in place, from trees to shrubs, stumps and more need to be removed before you start your project. Turning to Apple Tree Carting & Demolition will provide you with the full range of options needed and the effective tree removal and grading services you need to have the right blank canvas in place to build upon. Whatever the current state of your property, you can count on Apple Tree Carting & Demolition to bring results that you can count on for your future expansion plans.

Building Removal

Bringing commercial/industrial demolition options to the United States provides you with the ability to have any buildings in place treated thoroughly and completely. Whether an abandoned building is halting possible progression, or you plan on starting over with a more updated location, turning to the demolition contractors at Apple Tree Carting & Demolition will provide you with the results you need. All it takes is making the choice to pick up the phone and reaching out to our experts to get the process started and to deliver the cleared location you need in order to move forward with plans.

Interior Commercial Demolition

Whether looking to upgrade or update the interior of your commercial property, quality interior demolition is required to have a space completely cleared out, providing you with the open space you need to get started. Choosing the expertise of Apple Tree Carting & Demolition professionals to deliver these results will provide the best in interior demolition and the affordability you need to factor into your budgeting. When turning to our local demolition contractors, you have the availability to deal with any of your removal needs both for interior and exterior needs, and the capability to renew the look of your property as you see fit.

Outlying Building Removal

Our demolition services bring you the means to deal with more than just the main buildings on your property, whether you have an outlying shed or storage area or any other variety of property inclusions, you can depend on the experienced services that our professionals bring to provide results you can depend on. Our experts are dedicated to bringing the best possible offerings for your needs and to allowing your business to operate as you wish. From the initial installation of your buildings to the ability to easily upgrade, choosing the professionals at Apple Tree Carting & Demolition will deliver results.

The residential demolition options that we provide to the Nationwide area deliver the widest range of possibilities for your property. Whether looking to remove the home itself, surrounding installation or outlying buildings, making the call to your local demolition contractors will provide you with the best in the city. We bring an unparalleled level of capability and experience across all service possibilities in order to keep the control over your property’s future firmly in your hands along with the affordable rates you can count on.

House Demolition

The removal of the building on your property can be required for a number of reasons, whether ridding yourself of an old and decrepit home in order to build new and updated or clearing out a formerly residential property in order to begin on commercial building, you can be sure that our demolition contractors can provide you with the range of options you need. When you need dependability in all aspects of services, making the choice to call the offices of Apple Tree Carting & Demolition will ensure that you get the perfect results for your former residential installations.

Home Demolition Cost

One of the most important factors in your decision-making process is the overall cost of service you can expect to face. When making the call to Apple Tree Carting & Demolition for your needs, you have the availability to book a service for inspection and estimates that will deliver the most accurate assessment of the cost you can expect. Service costs can vary based on property size, the amount of services needed and the entirety of needs our experts will face. By bringing you this range of information, you can make the choice to move forward on your needs in confidence.

Pool and Property

Our residential demolition services cover more than just the buildings within your space and provide you with the range of additional options needed to treat your property perfectly. Whether looking for pool demolition, garage demolition, interior demolition and yard clean up or any other variety of options carried out, you can count on the specialized services that the best in local demolition companies brings to your US area property. When you need the highest level of capability and quality, you can always depend on the ability of Apple Tree Carting & Demolition to provide you with industry leading results for your residential demolition requirements.

Interior Demolition

Whether planning a remodeling or renovation within your residential property, or finally tearing out aspects of your home that you no longer have need for, making the choice to reach out to the local area professionals at Apple Tree Carting & Demolition will deliver results. We have the means to bring you an entirety of service options that will treat your property as required and bring you the blank canvas in which you need to work with. We bring you the means of demolition that bring you the best chances at future building while maintaining a friendly approach to your specific budget.

The capability to fulfill any of your demolition and removal needs is the objective of our services and when the target of these options is your property pool, you can depend on an offering that doesn’t only focus on the removal of these items but also the means to make the formerly occupied space more available to future planning. Whether you plan on switching form blow-ground to above-ground options or are just looking to turf over the location, we bring you the means to move on those plans simply.

Making a Change

Calling into your demolition contractors of choice for your pool removal provides you with a variety of future options for your space. Whether you plan to swap out the pool for another option, or to bring an outlying building to that section of your property, you can count on our experts to bring you a full and dependable removal service and the finishing touches needed to make these changes. Whatever the plans you have for the future of your property, you can be sure that Apple Tree Carting & Demolition experts are here to assist.

Full Pool Removal

We understand that there are many properties with more than just a pool installed and whether you have an attached deck, patio, hot tub or walkway, you can count on our professionals to bring you the full range of service results you need. We are here to ensure that you have the capability to deal with any unwanted installation on your property and to provide you with the usable space you need following a pool demolition. When looking for a service with low house demolition costs, you can count on Apple Tree Carting & Demolition to provide you with the best in the business.

Soil Choices

Choosing to remove your pool can come from a number of potential reasons yet leaving you with an open pit in your property following pool demolition doesn’t provide you with the means to act on any of those plans. When choosing Apple Tree Carting & Demolition for your needs, you can count on the full services needed to have a space waiting for you to take advantage of. Whether looking to have the space filled and sod over, or soil transported in to allow you to build a new foundation or otherwise, you can depend on our experts to bring quality.

Grading and Finish

In order to move forward on future ideas for your property, you need to have a perfectly level and usable space. When looking for this level of quality finish to be delivered to your property, you can depend on your local demolition contractors to provide you with the best possible results for your needs. We look to provide you with a service that isn’t only reliable today but also beneficial for tomorrow’s plans. For the most capable and affordable services in the United States area when it comes to pool demolition and more, choosing the expertise of Apple Tree Carting & Demolition will provide the best.

Our interior demolition services provide you with the perfectly blank slate you need to move forward with updates and renovation plans for your US property. We not only provide you with the results you need in removing the variety of internal construction within your building but also the capability to effectively remove any of the items taken care of and any other junk you may have on the property. We bring you cleanliness and emptiness in all of our services both yard-based and inside your buildings.

Residential Remodeling

One of the most common services when it comes to our interior demolition offerings is that of clearing space for residential remodeling. Whether you need to pull out cupboards, shelving and countertops within your kitchen or bathroom, depending on our demolition contractors will provide you with the flush finish needed to build easily within your formerly occupied space. With the follow up material removal services we offer, you can count on results that handle every aspect of your needs and provide you with the means to move forward with your new building projects easily.

Commercial Renovations

Residential properties aren’t the only spaces with availability for renovation and turning to Apple Tree Carting & Demolition for your commercial interior demolition will bring you the same level of service capability for your future ambitions. When choosing our demolition services for your commercial property, you can depend on results designed to bring you the freedom necessary to build your new interior options with confidence. Through quality and affordable services, Apple Tree Carting & Demolition provides you with the ability to take control over the future of your property with attentive and reliable interior demolition services.

Yard Clean Up Services

Whether in the wake of an interior demolition, or simply through having a collection of items that have slowly occupied your space over the years, choosing the experience of Apple Tree Carting & Demolition to provide you with the yard cleanup service you need will deliver results you can count on. We bring you junk removal, lot clearing, tank removal and a wide variety of other possibilities all while maintaining our dedication to affordability. When the results delivered to your property are important to you, choosing the best in local demolition contractors will provide you with the best in the city no matter your future ambitions for your buildings and yards.

Dependable Results

Apple Tree Carting & Demolition delivers the widest variety of service options in order to ensure that you can move forward with your plans no matter what they may be. Our experts are here to bring you the options required to change the look of both the interior and exterior of your buildings and surrounding spaces in order to allow you to retain control over the direction of your property future. Whatever the services you’re looking for, or the space in question that requires attention, choosing our demolition contractors will give you the best possible results inside and outside of your US buildings.

One of the most common removal services our experts are called upon is for garage demolition. Whether this is for a residential property looking to turn this space into a home extension or a commercial property looking to better use the space to your needs, turning to the demolition contractors of choice in the city will ensure that you get the perfect results for your property planning. No matter the installation you have in place or the results you’re looking for, putting your trust in our expertise will deliver quality.

Attached Garages

When looking for removal of your attached garage, the level of care and attention brought to the property is important in your capability to move forward on other property plans. By delivering flush removal and the replacement of siding materials, you can completely remove the signs of original installation while also ensuring that you have the strength and capability needed to depend on the area to hold up to your needs. Choosing your local demolition company of choice for your needs will provide you with the best possible results for your property.

Detached Garages

Removal of a detached building on your property opens up the space for future possibilities. Whether you need to remove a building in order to replace that current installation or are looking to clear out the space for a differing option, getting the full services you need that care for both the building in question and the foundation underneath is important. Choosing Apple Tree Carting & Demolition for your needs will deliver garage demolition you can count on and the affordability needed to make a choice to move forward in confidence. Whatever the task you set our experts upon, you can be sure that we always bring the best.

Commercial & Residential

Our experts have the means to bring you any residential and commercial demolition service you need, including quality garage demolition options. Whether you need the entirety of a building removed or are looking for simpler services in asbestos removal and abatement or mold removal, you can be sure that Apple Tree Carting & Demolition has the range of service options needed for the best treatment in the city. When you need results you can depend on for your home or business, making the call to Apple Tree Carting & Demolition will deliver affordability and capability in all realms of demolition.

Affordable Demolition

One of the most important factors in the services that we bring to the US area is ensuring that our clients can confidently move forward on their needs through affordable demolition options. Whether you’re looking to have a building removed, services carried out or interior treatment for your garage, making the choice to reach out to your local demolition contractors of choice will provide you with the blank slate you need to move forward. Make the smart choice in bringing the expertise of our professionals onto your property and take the control of your property into your own hands for future means.

Our demolition company provides you with the ability to effectively deal with any concrete and asphalt surface within your property. Whether patio pavers, cement block walkways or asphalt driveways, turning to the expertise of Las Vegas Demolition for your needs will ensure that you get the quality results you’re looking for. Whether you need to remove a current installation for future building plans or simply to clear out your property to keep your options open, you can depend on Las Vegas Demolition for results.

Roadway Demolition

Whether you have a private road leading up to your property, or an attached flattop beyond your commercial parking spaces, turning to your local demolition contractors will provide you with the asphalt removal services needed to clear and grade these locations for future use. Choosing to bring in the expertise of Apple Tree Carting & Demolition professionals will provide you with the range of options required to effectively treat any hardtop surface on your property and to give you the open availability to either change out the material in place or to more effectively install in another location.

Driveway Removal

When choosing to update the material of your driveway or simply to have an older and weathered installation removed to provide you with the capability to refresh the look, you can depend on Las Vegas Demolition to bring you the quality removal you need. Whether looking for concrete slab demolition or asphalt installation removal, you can count on Apple Tree Carting & Demolition to provide you with the expedient and experienced services necessary for your property. We are here to bring you the results you need no matter your current installations and to provide you with a space that is conducive to your future plans.

Sidewalks and Walkways

Across residential and commercial properties, sidewalks and walkways provide you with a variety of traversing options. With time and constant stresses and exposure to the US area weather, you can find these surfaces facing wear and tear continually. Having the means to remove aged and damaged sidewalks or simply to tear up a current installation in order to have a better version installed, counting on your local demolition contractors will provide you with the quality you need to make a change. We bring you the residential and commercial demolition services that will provide timely results for your property.

Continuing Removal

The demolition services we provide don’t simply end with your concrete pads, roads and walkways. Our experts provide you with the capability to also include any surfaces attached to these paths or to bring this service in conjunction with a home demolition service. Whatever the results you’re looking for, you can depend on our experts to bring you affordability and reliability in all of our attentive options. Take the direction of your property into your own hands once again with a range of quality offerings aimed directly at providing you with the best possible end results and the minimal pricing you can benefit from.


Royce Development specializes in both small and large scale demolition. We have extensive experience in residential demolition, commercial demolition, industrial demolition, as well as, demolition of infrastructure facilities.

Plant & Factory Dismantling
Our team regularly undertakes demolition projects that involve the dismantling of manufacturing plants, warehouses and factories, as well as the dismantling of plant and heavy equipment in associated industrial units. We safely and cost efficiently remediate manufacturing plants and make them ready for demolition or asset sale recovery.

Interior & Exterior Demolition
We provide full interior and exterior demolition services. We can handle all types of property hazards and have the correct knowledge to obtain the proper permits and guidelines to safely and effectively demolish your facility. We maintain a safe and clean work environment at all times and ensure that the project is completed with little disruption to our customers.

Onsite Mobile Concrete Crushing
At Apple Tree Carting & Demolition, we can bring our mobile concrete crusher directly to your site and can crush and recycle all concrete, brick, & block to reuse as subbase on your site.

Boiler Removal
Disposing of bulky machinery from your facility can be a challenge regardless of the location on your commercial property. We have the manpower, equipment and skills to safely and efficiently remove bulk items from your property on schedule.

Apple Tree Carting & Demolition provides the most professional level of service in the debris removal industry, and we guarantee to meet all your expectations. We can help you dispose of tons of debris at once by simply loading it all into our dumpsters. We provide the most effective way to remove debris.

Concrete & Asphalt Removal
We have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to remove asphalt or concrete roadways or walkways quickly and efficiently. From carefully breaking and loading pieces to hauling all the material off the property.

Wood & Steel Removal
A demolition project can leave a lot of debris behind in the form of scrap, metal, concrete/block and wood. We remove all demolition debris from your property while you focus on what matters most to you. We are dedicated to providing our customers environmentally-friendly debris removal solutions.

Land Clearing
We provide land clearing, grubbing, and stripping services that include the removal of unwanted trees, bushes and vegetation. Our land clearing services include: Root Raking, Stripping, Grubbing, Brush Removal and Stump Removal.

At Apple Tree Carting & Demolition, we strive to meet the needs of our customers. We apply our years of experience and expertise to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved. We work with contractors, engineers, owners and architects to provide the right equipment with the best use of materials and hard work to accomplish the desired results.

Water & Sewer Main
Whether you need to replace or repair a broken sewer line or a broken water main, we have got your needs covered. We can also install hundreds of feet of new mains.

Heavy Excavation
Apple Tree Carting & Demolition is known for providing superior heavy land excavation services, and site development to right-of-way construction and we take care of everything. Our diversified range of excavation services is complimented by an experienced workforce who take pride in their work in all phases.

Storm Drains
Apple Tree Carting & Demolition is fully equipped to perform a wide range of drainage services, from excavation and restoration. We provide comprehensive water drainage services.

Retention Basins
We provide stormwater management services that helps in preventing flooding and downstream erosion, and also improve water quality in adjacent river, stream, bay or lake.

Emergency Repairs
We have 24 hour emergency service where we can handle any job, anywhere/anytime, from minor repairs to full demolition and can reinstate it in a timely manner.

Snow Plowing, Salting, and Snow Removal
We serve all commercial properties, including malls as well as, specialty stores. From plowing and salting parking lots, to snow removal – we do it all. Get in touch with us today and let us show you how we can serve you.

Apple Tree Carting & Demolition is a family owned and operated company based in Griffith, Indiana. We serve the entire US, providing a straightforward approach to demolition and excavating for a fair price. Our company has 42 years of experience in the building trades and specialize in demolition and excavating. We are prepared to handle any demo project, from pools to small commercial structures, and more. We go the extra mile to ensure that customers are smiling when their projects are complete. We will not leave the job site until you’re happy! Contact us today to learn more and to get a free, no-obligation estimate.

A&D Contracting Services. has a decade of service and a century of experience in residential and commercial custom concrete, flatwork, patios, sidewalks, driveways, pole barns, garage floors, stamped and colored concrete, excavating, snow plowing, and ice control. Although we are a small company, our commitment to our customers and dedication to quality work allows us to offer big time services.

Apple Tree Wrecking is a fully licensed and insured demolition company serving the United States . Our level of skill and high standard practices exceed our customers expectations. We communicate effectively with our clients ensuring success of every project. Our planning is detail oriented and our scope of knowledge is vast.

We specialize in demolition and removal of buildings, structures, and homes. Call the demolition experts at Apple Tree Carting & Demolition today for a free demolition quote on your next project.

At Apple Tree Carting, we offer multi-faceted demolition services, including complete residential and commercial work. We offer expertise in house demolition and commercial structural wrecking. We also offer custom, eco-friendly modular home construction services and more.

Contact us today to speak with a friendly member of our staff about how we can best assist you!

Gandy & Sons is a family owned demo and excavating company based in the USA. We specialize in structural demolition and site excavation, such as site prep, grading and general excavating. For any of your demolition or excavating needs, contact the experienced crew at Gandy & Sons Demolition today.

Commercial Excavating offers top quality concrete wrecking, demolition, and excavation services. We are a locally owned and operated company. We have experience and equipment necessary to undertake large and small projects.

Apple Tree Carting & Demolition offers services for commercial, municipal, industrial and residential clients. We offer professional and safe demolition and excavation services. Located in the United States, we have built a strong reputation as leaders in our field.

Affordable Carting cares about the environment and recycles as much construction debris as possible. We have successfully helped thousands of homeowners, business owners and contractors get to the next level on their project. We keep you running on time and on budget.

Sewer & Backhoe Service believes in supporting community and we support it by doing what we do best—demolition and excavation. We have done work at both commercial and residential level and have even completed projects worth up to $2 million.

Over the years, we have become experts in a number of additional services including septic system services and utility work.

At A&D Demolition, we work hand-in-hand with national, regional, and local contractors, developers and commercial real-estate clients alike to ascertain the project design goals, and then devise plans to meet those goals on time and on budget. With 42 years of demolition experience, our knowledge and expertise cover a long and diverse list of projects, ranging from the smallest day to day projects, to long-term multi-million-dollar engagements.

Our ability to consistently meet our clients’ goals for timeliness, efficiency, and safety is no coincidence. We partner with project engineers, project managers, trusted vendors, and contractors to develop clear pre-project planning goals that initiate the success of the overall project objectives.

Total Demolition specializes and prides itself on being able to tackle complex structural demolition projects in order to make way for new construction.

Selective demolition can take place on projects of any size. Our Interior Demolition Services include non-structural demolition of spaces in preparation for reuse and upgrading of the space.

At All Demolition, we aim for a clean building raze, which has less environmental impact and maximizes the recycling of reusable building materials.

Complete Demolition’s in-house crews are skilled in all facets of shoring and bracing, ranging from simple installation of post shores to complex design and fabrication of structural steel.

Advance Demolition’s in-house structural engineering team has the expertise to evaluate and design the shoring and bracing needs of any project.

AA Demolition uses cutting-edge remote controlled machinery to provide a safe, efficient solution to complex demolition projects.

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Alabama Services is one of the leaders in the region when it comes to demolition and excavation. When we approach a project, we provide only the best service, materials and heavy equipment. We pride our staff on their years of service and understanding of regulations and safety standards.

Demolition Services:
Barn demolition
Concrete removal
House demolition
Mobile home demolition
Pool removal
Site preparation
Additional Services:
Excavation – grading/earthwork/backfill
Gravel driveways
Hauling and removal